Black Tuesday Christmas Sale!! Pain Neutralization Technique and Advanced Class DVDs on sale!!

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Pain Neutralization Technique- Private Sale from this Email ONLY!!!

But you MUST purchase Before Dec. 26, 2011!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you! Get a year end tax deduction AND
buy YOURSELF the gift that keeps on giving!  

Special: buy any of the 4 classes below BEFORE Dec. 25 and receive at no
charge "How to Generate Massive Referrals from M.D.s and Dentists!" (Sells
for ($297) 

Also included "PNT for Practice Building" (sells for $297), the Upper
Trapezius DVD (normally sells for $297) - more than a dozen techniques for
instantly eliminating those nasty trigger points in the upper trapezius

and the Headache DVD (normally sells for $297)- numerous techniques for, you
guessed it, headaches.

More info: <>

Pain Neutralization Technique- the 7 DVDs of the 2 day seminar PLUS 9 Bonus
DVD updates! The foundation class for turning off trigger points on the

Manual Spinal Nerve Blocks- Level Two, the class that shows you how to turn
off pain and myofascial trigger points in seconds using spinal nerves and
meridian points.

the Pain Elimination Grid Techniques- the Level Three Class, based on the
Melzack Wall Theory of Chronic Pain, that adds numerous new techniques for
advancing your skills several notches higher!

The Pain Control Patterns- Level 4, the highest level of Pain Elimination
Techniques- for the most advanced students. Use reflexes distant form the
patient's area of complaint to turn off pain and simultaneously tonify,
relax, and energize your patient! 

AND you may divide your purchase into 3 monthly payments!

All classes are different!! Many have new updates!!

The Pain Neutralization Techniques are new techniques that stops pain by
removing the cause, which in many cases are myofascial trigger points. PNT
is NOT in any way similar to any other technique for treating trigger
points- it aims to neurologically ERASE all evidence of the trigger point,
often in seconds. P.N.T. uses only neuromuscular reflexes (NO needles). It's
so effective that it's even been taught to hundreds of M.D.s., as well as
over 1400 P.T.s, L.Acs and D.C.s.  More info:



Here's an amazing report from my good friend Terry Chappell, M.D. Imagine: a
well known M.D., a pioneer in holistic medicine, learning techniques to stop
pain in seconds without drugs! >From a chiropractor!!


"2 weeks after I attended the June 2010 Boot Camp, I held a seminar to
introduce the techniques I learned from Dr.  Kaufman.  I bravely decided to
take my chances by asking for volunteers from the audience to see if I could
relieve their pain from tender trigger points.  A dozen people volunteered
to put me on the spot.  To my amazement, to the patients' amazement, to the
audience's amazement, every person who volunteered reported complete relief
of tenderness after less than a minute of treatment.  


I don't expect 100% effectiveness in the future, but I trust these
treatments to melt away my patients' trigger points and substantially
improve the quality of each of their lives."  Terry Chappell, M. D. Blufton,
Ohio. Past president, American College for Advancement in Medicine, founder,
International College of Integrative Medicine, and one of the pioneers and
leading practitioners of alternative medicine and chelation therapy.


"After utilizing the basic PNT protocol from the DVDs on my local pain
specialist M.D., he has been so impressed with the results he has referred
up to 5 patients a day to my practice! He has been to many other pain
specialists in other areas of the country and locally with no results. After
only a few PNT treatments, he is comfortable at work as well as other
activities." Brian Osborne L.Ac., Plattsburgh, NY


>From "Second Opinion Newsletter", June 2008:  "Here's a true account of what
I and at least 40 other doctors witnessed in Phoenix on 11/07. Had I not
seen it, I wouldn't have believed a system based on simple body physiology
could take away your pain so quickly. 


 "40 doctors witnessed several dozen consecutive resolutions or near total
relief of chronic pain. Dr. Kaufman's remarkable technique might resolve
your chronic pain or even organ dysfunction. It's so simple it's astonishing
the technique is unknown in medical school and largely unknown even to
chiropractors. If you're like the dozens of physicians I witnessed, you'll
exclaim, "wow, that's amazing", or "I just can't believe it." Here's a
"hands on" technique that heals the multitudes, by resetting their nervous
system reflexes." Robert Jay Rowen, M.D., editor in chief, Second Opinion

"Not only were the results on other patients/physicians stunning, but also
the treatment I had at the boot camp: in 2-3 seconds, all of my own trigger
points and facet pain disappeared! "It's amazing!" and "It's gone!" are
exactly what I hear from my own patients: it's a hoot! Your techniques have
added a HUGE new dimension to my practice; they put the fun back in, after
43 years." David Walsh M.D., Pain Management Specialist, diplomat, American
Board of Pain Medicine; diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology, Mobile,




 "I've been getting the most amazing results. These techniques are
astounding- I've helped many clients who have had chronic pain for years.
It's incredible how tight muscles and trigger points just melt under my
fingers. People come in that can barely move and leave feeling such relief.
I had one client tell me he hasn't had this much pain relief in 15 years.
I've been getting lots of referrals. " Gayla Norgren, L.M.T., Platteville,



"Following the PNT class in 6/10 I returned to my PT practice where I
treated 17 patients and had incredible results with turning off all pain in
15 of the 17 patients.  This has been the best technique I've ever learned
in my 30 years of PT practice.  My patients are in awe of it." Teena Petree,
P. T. Plano Tx.



"I'm a 3rd-year medical student. I watched Dr. Kaufman treat upwards of 50
M.D.'s with chronic pain at the ACAM conference.  After treatment, each
doctor said they felt at much better, and many of them admitted their pain
disappeared.  The next day, I was able to ask 12 of them how they were doing
since treatment the day before.  11 of 12 told me they felt much better or
amazingly better." Gerard Pesca, N.D., Phoenix , Arizona



"I came to the seminar as a 'respectful skeptic' but nothing could have
prepared me for the unbelievable results I observed. Problems that either
respond slowly (or not all) in my office were eliminated in a few minutes.
This information will enhance my clinical skills immeasurably. As an added
bonus, the constant upper trapezius pain I walked around with on a daily
basis was greatly relieved in just a few minutes. I feel very confident that
I will be able to apply these procedures in my practice Monday morning."
Michael Clancey, D.C., Fairmont, MN



"Dr. Kaufman relieved my post-surgical left inguinal hernia pain. I've had a
nagging constant chronic pain for 5 years. It took him 15 seconds to resolve
it." Patrick Whitaker, D.C., Belvidere, FL


Now I know you may be thinking "this is too good to be true". Pain
Neutralization Technique and the advanced pain techniques don't work on
every patient. These doctors' reports are some of our best testimonials and
may not be typical; your results will vary. Although most of the
practitioners using these techniques are ecstatic about the results,
including D.C.s, L.Ac .s, M.D.s, etc., you won't know until you try them how
they'll work for you. Therefore we offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction
assurance promise.



"I ABSOLUTELY 100% assure you you'll be thrilled or you pay nothing!"

The ONLY fully guaranteed technique!



Frankly, I can't promise the techniques will work for you since I don't know
you or your patients. They've worked for so many people but who knows? It
might be different for you. But I can assure you  that you must be delighted
with these DVDs, or you pay nothing. Try the techniques on your patients for
a full 60 days. If you and they are not absolutely ecstatic you learned
these amazing echniques, just call me for a full refund. What could possibly
be more fair?


To tell the truth, I have almost no risk. The techniques are so effective
that almost no one ever requests a refund. 


AND you may divide your purchase into 3 monthly payments!

Take $100 off the Cervical Class, Sciatica/Hot Low Back Series, Upper
Extremity Class, ONLY if you order before 12/26/2011!!

MUCH More info:
Call 800-774-5078 to order!

Now is a good time- the next LIVE Pain Elimination BootCamp will be June
9-10, 2012 in Denver! 

Call to reserve your place!

We'll send you more info in the next newsletter.  

15 CEUS Continuing Education Relicensing Credits for acupuncturists from
N.C.C.A.O.M. for the Pain Neutralization Technique DVDs! Call for more info.

Call now 800-774-5078 or 303-756-9567 to save! Or send a check to Stephen
Kaufman, D.C., 2693 S. Niagara St., Denver, CO. 80224. 

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Calculating generally expected performance results is difficult or
impossible, because there is no "typical" user of our products. We've made a
good faith effort to share the actual experiences of our doctors and their
patients.  Every practitioner (D.C., L.Ac, M.D., P.T.,N.D. and L.M.T.) is
unique in terms of their background , training, and understanding. Each will
apply the procedures in their own unique way. Every patient is also
individual in how they will respond to treatment. 


Disclaimer: P.N.T. and the other techniques are not effective for every
patient. They may not work in any individual case. Several treatments are
usually needed for lasting results. These reports were all written by the
doctors themselves; they may not reflect Dr. Kaufman's opinion.  These are
our best testimonials and may not be typical. Your results will vary.  We
assure your total satisfaction with the class material or your money
refunded. Refunds are limited to the class fee only, exclusive of expenses,
for 30 days after the class date. Stephen Kaufman D.C. and Kaufman Technique
LLC are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of
these procedures or any information on DVD, in class, or in written form. We
reserve the right to refuse admission or sales to anyone. We may not cover
every topic listed at the seminar.



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